Work Projects

CSUN Web Presence

I work on the team that develops and maintains many of the official CSUN web presences, including:

I’m incredibly proud of the work the team does; each and every member!

What I worked on

web development PeopleSoft development CMS management vendor relationships

Ask Matty Chatbot

A chatbot designed to answer general questions about CSUN. The topics cover everything from information on advising to where to get a coffee. This replaced the previous version of Ask Matty, which was a search box that showed multiple results on a request. With hundreds of intents in this bot, the challenge was designing the bot to scale well and give a great result the first time around.

What I worked on

back end Node serverless architecture Dialogflow custom data editor AWS architecture


Our team likes to learn new things, and we also like to make sure that tasks are equally distributed. We each made our own version of a task assigner that would pick a random person to perform a task. I made a runtime-configurable interface, with a run-down carnival theme. Only one of us had experience with Vue.js, so we all decided to use it to make our apps. Also we all have mustaches in the photos, which I very much enjoy.

What I worked on

front end Vue.js Tailwind CSS animations

PS Project Explorer

I started at CSUN as a PeopleSoft Developer, and I was interested in viewing the data contained in the PeopleSoft projects. This was for my sanity, as well as for the benefit of others who work with this file type. This was one of my first projects while learning JavaScript, and I’m using it to parse the generated XML file and display the contents of the projects. Not my finest work, but definitely useful!

What I worked on

front end back end PeopleSoft XML parsing pure JS DOM manipulation

Personal Projects

I’m currently looking into starting (or getting involved with) some new projects soon, so be on the lookout!